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Creating Short-Term Goals

When you are asked to think of a goal you have set for yourself, it may be easy to think of a few. You may think of multiple long-term goals involving your career, family, income. Those are all great topics to set goals for. Today I want to focus on creating the short-term goals for ourselves that are often overlooked but can be beneficial for us to live our best lives. Short-term goals are one of the important building blocks in creating happier lives. Today, I will be showing you easy ways to create short-term goals for yourself and discussing why it is important to maintain them.

Creating short-term goals help provide a clear focus and direction towards the path you want to follow in life. Achieving smaller goals gives you a more abundant sense of achievement and helps to alleviate procrastination since they can be achieved daily, weekly, or every month or so. They help you gauge just how far you have come and just how much closer you are to achieving those larger goals you have in life. I like to think of short-term goals as working out. If you workout for 20 minutes a day, you will not see results immediately. You may feel better after each workout, but you might look in the mirror and not see much improvement for a while. The thing is if you keep that consistency after a few months or a few years, you will see change. You will see how much you have improved, even though those results were not as clear when you first started.

Creating effective short-term goals are not as hard as you may think. They are crucial components in guiding your life from day to day. To begin organizing your short-term goals it may be helpful to follow these steps:

· Write down the short-term goals you would like to achieve by the end of the year. Put them in order of importance, and work on one at a time. Make sure to not overwhelm yourself.

· Focus on the now. Try not to leave any room for procrastination while writing down your goals.

· Be specific with your goals.

· Make sure you create positive goals for yourself.


Create a deadline for yourself.

· Always remember to reward yourself for your hard work.

Creating short-term goals can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. Since you have clear set goals written down, you are more likely to complete them. Having a clear path written pushes you to be more productive. You may also notice you become more focused on the things that are most important to you. With this, it is almost certain to see an improvement in your stress levels and overall happiness. Sometimes we just need to sit and figure out exactly what we are wanting to improve on and get done. A lot of positivity and growth can come from this.

By Halle Kozlowski

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